AMEDEO’s Research Objectives 

AMEDEO focuses on the development of new, innovative MDO methods and their application to some of the key issues and challenges facing the European aerospace industry, including:

  • Robust optimisation of aircraft engines for energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of lightweight composite aircraft structures
  • Improvement of aircraft safety and crashworthiness
  • Noise reduction through acoustic optimisation

Within the network, each early stage researcher will have their own individual research project. The projects have been closely aligned so that  together they deliver the overall research aims of the AMEDEO network. The research project titles are listed below, along with the ESR research fellow responsible for the project and their host partner. Further details of individual projects can be found on the 'Research Projects' page.

  1. Efficient high performance computing techniques for MDO (Mohamed Aissa, VKI)
  2. Multidisciplinary node-based shape optimisation for composite wing preliminary design (TUM)
  3. A unified multidisciplinary shape optimisation methodology for composite aircraft structures (Anna Arsenyeva, TUM)
  4. Aeroelastic tailoring of composite wings using mixed fidelity modelling (TU Delft)
  5. Thermo-mechanical analysis and MDO of composite shell structures (Sam Duckitt, ALE)
  6. Conceptual multidisciplinary civil transport aircraft design using aero-structural adjoint-based optimisation (Andréa Viti, ONERA)
  7. MDO and robust optimisation of high pressure turbine components (Julien Pohl, University of Leeds)
  8. Novel 3D Shapes for MDO of Fans and Compressors. (Ralf Schlaps, University of Leeds)
  9. Robust multidisciplinary optimisation of composite fan blades (Christopher Chahine, VKI)
  10. Multidisciplinary design optimization of the winglet and squealer fro high pressure turbine applications (Stefano Caloni, Rolls Royce)
  11. MDO methodology for incorporation of crashworthiness requirements in aircraft design (Jonathan Ollar, Altair)
  12. MDO of forward swept composite wings with natural laminar flow (DLR)
  13. MDO of a composite fuselage structure with vibro-acoustic requirements (Koç University)