Research Fellows

Mohamed Hassanine Aissa

Research Interest

I am interested on multidisciplinary optimisation methods making use of multiple hardware architectures from multi-core CPUs and multi CPUs to clusters and Graphical Processing Units. The main interest i... Read more >>>

Daniel Baumgärtner

Research Interests

  • Computational optimization of engineering problems 

  • Multiphysics 


AMEDEO Research Project

... Read more >>>

Anna Arsenyeva

Research Interests

Mechanics of composites, in particular mechanics of powder composites. Homogenization techniques for obtaining macro-mechanical properties of composites.

Material mechanics, in particular dam... Read more >>>

Sam Duckitt

Research Interests

Interests lie in lightweight aerospace structures and computational mechanics. Currently I am investigating Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) which is a new method in computational mechanics. IGA seeks to uni... Read more >>>

Kristofer Jovanov

Research interests:

  • Computational aeroelasticity, gradient-based optimization, numerical modeling, aeroelastic tailoring, multi-fidelity modeling, coupling methods for fluid-structure interaction.
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Andrea Viti



Research Interest:

Multidisciplinary design and Aero &nda... Read more >>>

Julien Pohl

Research interest:

  • Gas turbine cavity flows
  • Heat transfer prediction (conjugate and coupled FE-CFD)
  • Multidisciplinary design optimisation techniques
  • Robust optimisatio... Read more >>>

Ralf Schlaps

Research Interests

  • Multidisciplinary design and optimisation of compressor components
  • compressor aerodynamics
  • stress analysis
  • blade flutter analysis and prediction Read more >>>

Christopher Chahine

Research interests

Multidisciplinary design and optimisation of turbomachinery components, composite fan blades, CFD, multidisciplinary multilevel optimisation strategies including metamodeling techniques and robust optim... Read more >>>

Stefano Caloni

Research Interest

  • High Pressure Turbine design.
  • Aerodynamic and stress analysis for turbine components.
  • Heat transfer prediction.
  • Multi-Disciplinary optimisation techn... Read more >>>

Jonathan Ollar

Research Interests

Interest ranges over the entire spectrum of computational mechanics. At the moment the main interest is structural optimisation and particularly Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation using response surfaces t... Read more >>>

Marco Tito Bordogna

Research Interests

  • Structural optimization for composite structures taking into account static and dynamic aeroelastic phenomena.
  • Multidisciplinary design o... Read more >>>

Paul Lancelot

Research Interests

I have an interest in a wide area of subjects related to aerospace engineering, including aircraft design, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, fluid/struct... Read more >>>

Gökhan Serhat

Research Interests

Apart from the wide range of generic topics belonging to computational mechanics, in the context of AMEDEO project the following items are particularly of interest:

Tiago Faria

Research Interests

  • Finite element modeling of composite materials;
  • Optimization of Composite Structures Using Lamination Parameters;
  • Multi-step Laminate Design Approach;
  • ... Read more >>>