Consortium Partners

Rolls Royce PLC - UK

Principle Investigator: Prof Shahrokh Shahpar. Also industrial supervisor to Ralf Schlaps

Early Stage Researcher: Stefano Caloni

Industrial supervisor to Julien Pohl: Mr Jeff Dixon

Altair Engineering Ltd - UK

Principle Investigator: Mr Tim Surry

Early Stage Researcher: Jonathan Ollar

Founded in 1995, Altair Engineering Ltd is a software and services company focused on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technology for structural analysis and design optimisation. Along with its track record in product design, advanced engineering software and on-demand computing technologies, Altair has an excellent track record in developing its employees and recruiting new graduates. Altair regularly provides training to its customers as well as to Universities such as the Leeds and is an active member of the University of Leeds’ Industrial Advisory Board.

Office National d'Etude et de Recherches Aérospatiales (ONERA) - France

Principle Investigator: Dr Gérald Carrier

Early Stage Researcher: Andréa Viti

Supervisor: Dr Dimitri Bettebghor

Early Stage Researcher: Marco Tito Bordogna

ONERA is the French National Office of Aerospace Studies and Research and one of the Europe’s leading aerospace research centres with over 2000 employees, providing research expertise to a range of companies including Airbus and EADS. The applied aerodynamics department has considerable expertise in analysis of aircraft performance and the application of aerodynamic optimisation.

Advanced Lightweight Engineering Delft BV (ALE Delft) - Netherlands

CEO of Advanced Lightweight Engineering: Mr Jan-Jaap Koppert

Principle Investigator: Dr Teun Weustink

Early Stage Researcher: Sam Duckitt and Daniel Baumgärtner

Founded in 1996, ALE is an SME specialising in the production of lightweight composite materials for the aerospace, marine and automotive sectors. ALE has industry-leading capabilities in the use of computational mechanics for composite design and in the manufacture of composite materials, that have been used to manufacture components for the European Space Agency.

University of Leeds - UK

Principle Investigator and AMEDEO Coordinator: Prof Harvey Thompson
Project Manager: Juliet Jopson
Early Stage Researcher: Julien Pohl

The School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds has an extensive research portfolio and is recognised as a centre of research excellence with the highest possible UK research rating (5**).

Koç University - Turkey

Principle Investigator: Dr Ipek Basdogan 
Early Stage Researcher: Gökhan Serhat

Queen Mary University of London

Principal Investigator: Prof Vassili Toropov Also PhD supervisor to Jonathan Ollar and Stefano Caloni
Early Stage Researcher: Ralf Schlaps

Prof Vassili Toropov has a wide range of both academic and industrial experience (working for over 3 years for Altair Engineering on a range of different projects). He is the Vice President of the International Society of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation, Chairman of the Association of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation in the UK and co-editor of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation.

Associated Partners

Imperial College London - UK

Principle Contact: Dr Rob Hewson

Airbus Operations SAS - France

Principle contact: Dr Anne Gazaix