AMEDEO has run a number of outreach events through-out the project, aimed at schools and also for the interested public (see previous outreach events). In addition, we have also developed some classroom activities, available below for free. 


Falling with Style: air resistance versus gravity

Using just a piece of paper and some paper-clips, this activity steps you through four experiments to uncover how changing the shape of the paper changes the way it falls. It acts as a simple introduction to air resistance and the forces that act on falling objects. The activity is aimed primarily at 8-11 year olds. While the first three steps should be accessible to all of this age group, experiment 4 introduces some more advanced ideas; this section could be used as an extension exercise for more able students or may also work for older children. Further explanation on the science covered by the activity is given in the presentation file, including in the notes attached to some slides.

Fly Straight: building a glider

This activity guides you through building a simple but effective glider. Along the way you will discover how the glider's design acts to keep it stable whilst flying through the balancing of opposing forces. The cardboard glider instructions are suitable for 8-11 year olds, using materials commonly available. The balsa wood version uses more advanced construction techniques making it more suitable for an 11+ age group. An explanation on the science behind how the glider works can be found in the presentation file, including in the further notes attached to each slide. The explanation on side-to-side (lateral) stability is suitable for the younger age group, while the explanation of nose-to-tail stability is more advanced and so may be more suited to older children or as an extension for more able students.


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