Introductory presentation from AMEDEO mini-symposium, YIC, Aachen, now available (06/08/2015)

Daniel Baumgärtner's introductory presentation to the AMEDEO mini-symposium at the 3rd ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference (Aachen Germany, 20-23rd July 2015) is now available to view here, and give a neat summary of the scope of the AMEDEO project. 

The mini-symposium “Advanced Optimization Methods for Multi-disciplinary, Multi-scale, and Multi-physics Problems” consisted of the introductory presentation and four technical talks by AMEDEO fellows Anna Arsenyeva, Ralf Schlaps, Stefano Caloni and also Daniel himself: 

  • "Efficient and adaptive parametric modelling for shape optimization of a wingbox" Anna Arsenyeva, Fabian Duddeck, Technische Univeristät München.
  • "Potential and difficulties of node-based shape optimization taking into account fluid-structure interaction" Daniel Baumgärtner, R. Naijan, K.-U. Bletzinger, Technische Univeristät München.
  • "Multi-fidelity optimisation of compressors" Ralf C. Schlaps, S. Shahpar, V.V. Toropov, Queen University, University of London; Rolls Royce plc.
  • "Multi-Disciplinary-Optimisation of the cooling system for a shroudless High Pressure turbine blade" Stefano Caloni, S Shahpar, Queen University, University of London; Rolls Royce plc

The session was well attended, attracting some 50 other conference participants, and led to some lively discussions with lots of questions on Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation (MDO) and the topics presented.

Stefano Caloni and Ralf Schlaps at 3rd ECCOMAS YIC, Aachen 2015Anna Arsenyeva and Daniel Baumgartner at 3rd ECCOMAS YIC, Aachen

Bronze figure in Aachen