Outreach event 'The great egg-drop'

Date: From 26/06/2013 to 26/06/2013

Location : Ashfield Primary School, Otley, Leeds

On 26th June, Prof Harvey Thompson, Dr Rob Hewson, Ralf Schlaps and Juliet Jopson of the University of Leeds, along with Jonathan Ollar (Altair) and Stefano Caloni (Rolls Royce) made a visit to Ashfield Primary School, Otley, UK.

Years 4 & 5 (ages 8-10) were challenged to design an egg-craft that was robust enough to protect their egg from a 5m drop while still being as light as possible.

The AMEDEO team introduced the children to how a design cycle works and two different concepts on how to prevent the egg from breaking: air resistance (i.e. constructing a parachute), and energy absorption (i.e. padding of the egg). This was connected to the Mars lander, which had both of these features. The lightest structure (tying into optimisation) that survived the drop was named the winner.

The children then made cunning use of the material provided to come up with some very inventive solutions. The picture shows the winning design from Team Eggbert. The kids loved it and the teachers gave us top marks too (although some of the bad egg jokes were egg-cruciating!).

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